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We encourage all users to use our own website builder CMS, as it is more robust and more stable and more secure than PHP based websites. If you use CMS like Wordpress, you need to remember to do your own security updates. If you do want us to host your Wordpress/MySQL/PHP website, we are happy to do that. All PHP hosting fees are the same as our standard or business plans, and include free SSL certificate and SSL hosting. Sorry we cannot offer PHP on the basic plans. There are no page/order limits on PHP hosting. PHP hosting limits are based only on traffic, filespace and mailbox requirements. The benefit of our PHP services over other web hosts is we offer low contention for CPU. We host less than 30 PHP websites currently.

Our PHP server is based in Sydney, and runs on AWS infrastructure, using our own custom control panel. Domains, Email and Stats are managed via our CMS control panel. You can use phpMyAdmin to administer your database requirements. A mySQL account is provissioned for all our PHP sites automatically, and details to login are provided inside our CMS. You cannot mix and match your website world website with your PHP website, but we will continue to host your website world website while you build your PHP website. All PHP website account status need to be live/paying before you can access our PHP webserver via FTP. Please contact us to enable PHP on your domain. 


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