Things You Need To Know About Covid-19 And Its Effect On Education

Things You Need To Know About Covid-19 And Its Effect On Education

These days, learning from home is the new standard. Although most people have accepted the new rules of the game, the reinvention of teaching and learning has also adversely affected the education industry. This article will help you get a better idea if you want to know more about Covid-19’s impact on education.

Increased Homeschooling

Homeschooling is always an alternative when local education services don’t meet your expectations. During the coronavirus lockdown, a huge amount of people lost their jobs, and dealing with the expenses became a nightmare. In fact, in April 2020, the US unemployment rate was the highest since the great depression in the 1930s. 


As a result of the unemployment crisis, some parents decided to take their children out of school because they couldn’t afford tuition costs. Several educational companies didn’t have the right tools to offer online services. The lack of digital resources made many parents consider homeschooling as their best option. 


Although homeschooling provides children and parents with schedule flexibility, it increases the workload for parents. Also, since education is becoming the new currency, not getting a degree might affect young individuals’ opportunities. 

More Accessible Education

While education companies keep adopting remote work as a new working style, education has become more accessible. To move forward, many US companies have decided to offer their courses overseas. This has allowed people from countries like India, for example, to have access to better education.


The same has happened in the US. For example, if you live in Florida and want to take a Seattle program, you can now do it from home. Years ago, you’d probably moved to Seattle to take an in-person course.

Increased Parental Workload

E-learning has increased parents’ workload significantly. With traditional learning, kids needed to go to school to attend their classes. In that case, teachers were the ones in charge and could take care of children. However, with remote learning, parents have had to become teachers at home.


Although students can receive instructions from their school tutors, learning from home requires discipline. Therefore, many parents have worked hard to help their children stay focused and learn. With traditional learning, students can approach the teacher’s desk and ask for help if necessary. With online education, communication takes longer, and sometimes, parents have to help their children with homework.

Online Coding Bootcamps: the Best Alternative for Jobless Individuals

During the coronavirus pandemic, adult education has also been affected. Years ago, universities were almost the only option if you wanted to get a degree. However, since tech skills became indispensable, vocational schools have become very popular. 


During the lockdown, online coding bootcamps allowed jobless workers to update their skillset and get back on track. For example, Thinkful is a coding school that offers excellent programs in design and software engineering. Thinkful’s courses are available part-time or full-time. Consequently, no matter what your needs are, there always is an option available.


Thinkful is dedicated to your success. For that reason, the company provides students with a career support team throughout each course to help them launch a fulfilling career. If you want to get prepared for future challenges, you should consider enrolling in Thinkful’s coding bootcamp. The company also enables students to learn from experts in the field and offers several financing options. 


It’s no surprise that the demand for technical courses has increased during the coronavirus pandemic. After all, top-notch companies are making outstanding job offers. For example, according to Computer Science Hero, a typical salary for a software engineer is $133,000 per year in the US. But, at Microsoft, a software engineer can earn up to $150,000 a year. 

In Summary

The coronavirus pandemic will continue to transform our lives. Hence, we must embrace changes if we want to move forward. Teaching and learning will no longer be the same. But, traditional education will still have a place in society in the next few years. Remote learning will become even more popular, and educational companies will invest more money in new technologies. Above all, they have made education more comfortable and engaging.

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Posted: Wednesday 28 April 2021


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